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Mark Gevisser

© Ellen Elmendorp | Cape Town, 18 January 2014

Mark Gevisser is a prize-winning South African author. His latest book is Lost and Found in Johannesburg: A Memoir (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Granta, Jonathan Ball).

Read this essay to get an idea of what the book's about: Going back to my routes.

Read this extract from The Telegraph.

Read this extract from The Nation.

Read here about Mark's next book, about the Global Sexuality Frontier, based on his work as an Open Society Fellow. The Sexuality Frontier.


Endorsements for Lost and Found in Johannesburg

"What is a city? What is a self? How, when a city is also 'home', are physical place and abstract identity interwoven? Mark Gevisser's extraordinary memoir asks profound questions -- about race, sexuality, faith and politics -- while examining both his own history and that of his beloved Johannesburg. The resultis unlike any other book I know. It is illuminating, unsettling, engrossing, often funny, and, in a word, brilliant."
Claire Messud, author of The Woman Upstairs and The Emperor's Children

"Outstanding. A genuinely strange, marvelous, and complex account of a self and a city. Does for Johannesburg what Pamuk did for Istanbul. Gevisser is as intimate and sophisticated a guide as one would wish for to this great, troubled metropolis."
Teju Cole, author of Open City

More endorsements

Mark's Last Book

Mark's last book, A Legacy of Liberation: Thabo Mbeki and the Future of the South African Dream was published by Palgrave Macmillan in the UK, and by Jonathan Ball in South Africa under the title, Thabo Mbeki: The Dream Deferred. It was the winner of the Sunday Times 2008 Alan Paton Prize and was lauded by the Times Literary Supplement as "probably the finest piece of non-fiction to come out of South Africa since the end of apartheid". Read more...

André Brink on "A Legacy of Liberation" in the Saturday Telegraph

Advance Praise for “A Legacy of Liberation”

Praise for the South African edition

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  Mark's recent writing on the "The Pink Line: The World's Queer Frontiers" – the topic of his upcoming book, to be published by Farrar, Strauss & Giroux and Jonathan Ball in 2019

"House of Rainbow: LGBT rights balanced on the Pink Line", Griffith Review 59, Commonwealth Now, January 2018.

"Love's Runaway's: The Gay Ugandans Forced into Exile", The Guardian, 18 May 2016.

"LGBT Power Surge: Why Russia, Uganda and other repressive states are fighting a losing battle against sexual freedom", Foreign Policy, December 2015.

"The transgender woman fighting for her right to see her son", The Guardian, 12 November 2015.

"Engendered: The Trans community is coming out and bringing with it a depth of understanding of what it means to be human", The Nation, 6 April 2015.

"Self-Made Man", Granta 129: Fate, 2015.

"Kanaga's choices: Queer and transgender identity in the digital age", Global Information Society Watch, 2015.

"Love in Exile", The Guardian, 27 November 2014.

Tiwonge - Guardian - Pieter Bauermeister
© Pieter Bauermeister from the Guardian

Dispatcher: Lost and Found in Johannesburg

Latest Reviews

"Lost and Found in Johannesburg" maps the growth of a writer and nation, review by Scott Kraft, LA Times, 1 August 2014

"A Love Letter to Johannesburg", review by Emma Brockes, The Guardian, 11 July 2014

Briefly Noted, New Yorker, 23 June 2014

New Maps of Africa: Striking Portraits of Lagos and Johannesburg, review of Mark's book together with Teju Cole's Every Day is For The Thief , Hedley Twidle, New Statesman, 20 June 2014

Lost and Found in Johannesburg, review by Robert Collison, The Star (Toronto), 12 May 2014

Lost and Found in Johannesburg, review by Garth Greenwell, Towerload, 8 May 2014

Books to Watch Out For in April, The New Yorker, 1 April 2014

Lost and Found in Johannesburg, Booklist, 1 April 2014

How To Get Across South Africa's Many Boundaries, Michela Wrong inThe Spectator, 14 February 2014

"A South African Childhood: Call of the Wild", The Economist, 1 February 2014

Lost and Found in Johannesburg - A Review by Ted Botha, author of "Apartheid in My Rucksack", SA People, 13 March 2014

Lost and Found in Johannesburg, reviewed by Michele Magwood, Sunday Times, 30 March 2014

"Memoir of a Savage Eden", Mandla Langa, The Times, 31 March 2014

"Shaped and Shafted by the City", Luke Alfred, Mail & Guardian, 16 April 2014

Latest Public Appearances

Mark was at the Jaipur Literary Festival in India in January 2015:

"Selfie:The Art of the Memoir", 23 January 2015

"Shadow Play: The Art of Biography", 23 January 2015

"Coming Out: Tales They Don't Tell", 22 January 2015

Latest Print Interviews and Reports

"Book Talk: S.A writer maps personal history with Johannesburg's", Ed Stoddard, Reuters, 24 April 2014

"Here Be Dragons: A Real Conversation Held in Imaginary Space by Damon Galgut and Mark Gevisser", Sunday Times, 30 March 2014

"Mapping Mark Gevisser", by Wamuwi Mbao, Slipnet, 24 March 2014

"Beyond the Boundaries," by Margaret von Klemperer, The Witness, 19 March 2014

Lost and Found in Johannesburg: Book Review, Business Day, 18 March 2014

"Mark Gevisser: The Divided Citizen", by Charl Blignaut, City Press, 9 March 2014

Five minutes with Author Mark Gevisser, The Times, 25 February 2014

Latest Radio Interviews and Podcasts

Mark is interviewed on BBC Scotland's "Sunday Morning With...", 18 August 2014

"Queer Afropolitans": Mark in conversation with Kwame Anthony Appiah at the Cuny Graduate Center, New York, 6 May 2014

Mark in conversation with Gillian Slovo at Jewish Book Week, London, 22 February 2014

Mark is interviewed by Michele Magwood for TMRadio, 20 March 2014

Mark is interviewed by John Maytham for CapeTalk, 14 March 2014

Mark Gevisser and Jonny Steinberg: The Granta Podcast. Mark discusses Lost and Found in Johannesburg with Jonny Steinberg, as well as Jonny's new essay, The Defeated, which is in the latest Granta, 13 March 2014

Mark is interviewed for www.polity.org.za, 10 March 2014

Mark in conversation with Eusebius McKaiser on PowerFM, 7 March 2014

Click here if you would like to contact the publicists at Mark's publishers, or his literary agent

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