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Homosexuality and the Global Culture Wars
Boldly Queer, 2015

An analysis of the new global debate on LGBT Rights, from a new HIVOS publication called Boldly Queer.


Ma Firewalker and Mr Typewriter-Head: Maps, Marx and Kentridge
in Fire Walker: William Kentridge, Gerhard Marx, edited by Oliver Barstow and Bronwyn Law-Viljoen
Fourthwall Books, 2011

In this essay from a book about The Firewalker, a Johannesburg scuplure by William Kentridge and Gerhard Marx, Mark looks at maps and public art in the city.



In his new essay in the latest edition of Granta, Mark looks back at the lives of two older men from Soweto, and how they negotiated the double-jeopardy of being black and being gay in apartheid South Africa, from the perspective of his own same-sex marriage in February 2009.


Why is Thabo Mbeki a ‘Nitemare’?
The Joburg Salon, 2010

Inspired by a satirical play by Tsepo wa Mamatu, Mark Gevisser wonders whether blaming Thabo Mbeki for all that is wrong in South Africa isn't a politically expedient strategy to evade what should be acknowledged as a far broader communal culpability. The players, on and off the stage, suggest that Mbeki's legacy may be more complex and more important than much contemporary public discussion suggests.


Under Covers, Out in the Open: Nicholas Hlobo and Umtshotsho
Nicholas Hlobo: Standard Bank Young Artist Award 2009
editor: Sophie Perryer
Cape Town: Michael Stevenson, 2009

In this essay on Nicholas Hlobo from the catalogue of his exhibition Umtshotsho, Mark Gevisser looks at how the artist's work is rooted in his understanding of his sexuality.


Beautiful Ugly: African and Diaspora Aesthetics
editor: Sarah Nuttall
Duke, 2006

Read Mark Gevisser’s essay about photographs, race and sexuality in apartheid South Africa.

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From the Ruins: The Constitution Hill Project
Public Culture, 2004

Mark Gevisser in conversation with Sarah Nuttall on his work at Constitution Hill.


Mandela's Stepchildren: Homosexual Identity in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Different Rainbows, Editor: Peter Drucker
Gay Men's Press, 2000
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