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Reviews and commentary

Here is a selection of reviews and commentary about Mark’s work, interviews with him, and profiles of him:

A Legacy of Liberation: Thabo Mbeki and the Future of the South African Dream

Revisiting the Rainbow Nation
The Wall Street Journal, April 2009
Matthew Kaminski

South Africa’s Brave New World by RW Johnson and A Legacy of Liberation by Mark Gevisser
The Telegraph, April 2009
André Brink

The Rainbow Nation brought low
The Observer, April 2009
Chris McGreal

Who Is Thabo Mbeki?
The New York Times, April 2009
Suzanne Daley

How Mbeki Failed
New York Review of Books, March 2009
Joseph Lelyveld

Advance Praise for “A Legacy of Liberation” [PDF]

Praise for the South African edition [PDF]

Thabo Mbeki: The Dream Deferred

No Denial
Times Literary Supplement, August 2008
Martin Plaut

Inside the Outsider
Financial Times, November 2007
Alec Russell

Thabo Mbeki, The Dream Deferred
Time, 05 December 2007
Alex Perry

The Coriolanus connection
Financial Mail, December 2007
Richard Steyn

Mystery Man
The Economist, November 2007

Portrait of a President
Mail & Guardian, November 2007
Drew Forrest

President on the couch, but analysis in doubt
Sunday Times, December 2007
Mac Maharaj

Who would want more of Mbeki?
Sunday Times, November 2007
Justice Malala

Fishing for clues in the ruling party's stream
Mail and Guardian, November 2007
Richard Calland

Family roots work their way into politics
Business Day
Xolela Mangcu

Mbeki brought into focus
City Press, November 2007
S'Thembiso Msomi

Thabo Mbeki and the Battle for the Soul of the ANC
The Gaurdian, February 2008
Victoria Brittain

Hand grenade deferred
Empire, February 2008
Ndumiso Ngcobo

From psycho biography to Mbeki's balls
Sunday Independent, November 2007
Jeremy Gordin

Mbeki: The debate furthered
The Times, November 2007
Glenda Daniels

Filling the aisles to debate Mbeki
The Weekender
Rehana Rossouw

The Mbeki biography - the good one
Thought Leader
Alison Tilley

A dream deferred or a dream shattered
Witness Weekend, November 2007
William Saunderson-Meyer

Thabo Mbeki: A difficult man to love
The Weekender, November 2007
Karima Brown

Report from Planet Mbeki
Empire, November 2007
Rian Malan

Mbeki Biography Reveals a Life of Loss
Sunday Independent, November 2007
Maureen Isaacson
  Interviews and profiles

Here is a selection of interviews with Mark and profiles of him:

Did South Africa win the World Cup?
Finantial Times, July 2010

Report from Paris: Kicking around at the Shakespeare and Company Festiva
The Millions, June 2010

La génération Mandela a fait un boulot fantastique
Le Figaro.fr, June 2010

A Conversation with Mark Gevisser, Part 1 (Adam Biles)
Gulper Eel, June 2010

Interview with Mark Gevisser
Voice of America, October 2008

Thabo Mbeki's Successes, Failures in South Africa
NPR, June 2008

Revealing the custodian of dreams and political seducer
Independent, November 2007
Chiara Carter

Reconstructing Gevisser
The Weekender, December 2007
Beth Shirley

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